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Bigelow Aerospace Founder Tells CBS's 60 Minutes On May 28th
“There Is An Existing Presence, An E.T. Presence” On Earth Now

© 2017 by Linda Moulton Howe


“[The alien presence] is just like right under people's noses.”

- Robert Bigelow, Founder, Bigelow Aerospace,
May 28, 2017, CBS 60 Minutes

Robert Bigelow, Founder of Bigelow Aerospace in Las Vegas, talking with CBS
60 Minutes corresponent Lara Logan as they stand in front of Bigelow's largest
expandable spacecraft, The Olympus, which he calls “a mansion for the skies.”
May 28, 2016, 60 Minutes image source CBS News.


May 30, 2017 Las Vegas, Nevada - During the recent Memorial Day holiday on Sunday, May 28, 2017, the CBS network's highly credible news program 60 Minutes had a segment reported by correspondent Lara Logan with Robert Bigelow, 73. Mr. Bigelow is the founder of Bigelow Aerospace and longtime owner of Budget Suites of America, a chain of nineteen low budget, long-stay rental apartments in three states.

In conjunction with the May 28th 60 Minutes CBS broadcast, the network also produced on its news website a May 28, 2017, report of the Lara Logan interview entitled “Bigelow Aerospace Founder Says Commercial World Will Lead In Space.” Logan says in the report, “With no formal training in science or engineering, Robert Bigelow created an aerospace company with scientists and engineers that's achieved what no one else in the industry has done. His expandable spacecraft are the first and only alternative to the metal structures that have housed every astronaut in space for over half a century.”


Bigelow Aerospace Expandable Space Housing

This image obtained May 28, 2016, courtesy of NASA shows an inflatable add-on room,
known as the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM),
at the International Space Station. Image by NASA.

The 60 Minutes report included footage of one of the Bigelow Aerospace buildings in Las Vegas that has a stylized design of what has historically become known as a “Grey EBE” since the Roswell, New Mexico, UFO crashes of 1947. EBE is a U. S. government acronym for Extraterrestrial Biological Entities.

Stylized “Grey EBE alien” on side of a Bigelow Aerospace building,
Las Vegas, Nevada. Image source CBS News.


Bigelow's Grandparents Saw A UFO

Robert Bigelow told reporter Lara Logan that his interest in UFOs and other life in the universe began after his grandparents long ago had a close encounter with a UFO right outside Las Vegas on a canyon road. He told reporter Lara Logan, “It (UFO) really sped up and came right into their face and filled up the entire windshield of the car. And it took off at a right angle and shot off into the distance.”

CBS Transcript Excerpt of 60 Minutes Interview

Transcript excerpt from May 28, 2017, CBS 60 Minutes interview of Bigelow Aerospace
founder Robert Bigelow with CBS Correspondent Lara Logan. Source, CBS News.


Bigelow Aerospace Goal to Orbit Moon by 2020

NYC High, March 5, 2017.

NYC High Tech reported on March 5, 2017: “Robert Bigelow, Founder of Bigelow Aerospace, has formed a partnership with NASA by attaching a small $18 million inflatable module to the International Space Station called the “Bigelow Expandable Activities Module” or BEAM. Bigelow has begun discussing the use of his expandable modules for habitats in lunar space near the moon. He believe that by as early as 2020, NASA astronauts as well as commercial partners could be living and working in lunar orbit inside a functional space station.”

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"Life In Outer Space," May 28, 2017, CBS 60 Minutes:

"NASA Inflates Spare Room in Space," May 29, 2016,

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