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Update: Who? or What? Is the Nazca Mummy Covered by White Unknown?
How Many More Are There in An Underground Tomb?

© 2017 by Linda Moulton Howe


“I couldn’t find one piece of that (white mummy) body that looked like it was put together (with hoax glue). There are certain marks on the bone of how that would happen.’”

- Mary Jesse, M.D., Asst. Prof., Radiology-Diagnostics,
School of Medicine, Univ. of Colorado-Denver


Jesus Zalce Benitez, Ph.D., described as a medical examiner and forensic anthropologist,
looks at the “white dust” later identified as "diatomaceous clay," which covers a
5-foot-6-inch female humanoid that has 3 long fingers on each narrow hand and 3 long toes.
The earless head is also more elongated than most Homo sapiens sapiens heads.
The body was allegedly exhumed from a tomb, an underground burial chamber near
Nazca, Peru, where other smaller, 3-fingered and 3-toed bodies
were also covered by the white substance. Video frame by in
June 20, 2017, YouTube “Special Report: Unearthing Nazca.”


June 27, 2017 Albuquerque, New Mexico - On June 20, 2017, in Louisville, Colorado, released a YouTube video entitled, “Special Report: Unearthing Nazca.” [ See Websites below this report.] In the spring of 2017, Mexico City investigative journalist Jaime Maussan, who produces Tercer Milenio TV, contacted Gaia about his learning that “a bunch of weird bodies” had been found underground not far from Nazca, Peru. The bodies were weird because there were no ears, only holes in the sides of the elongated heads, and the narrow hands had only 3 long fingers and the feet had 3 long toes.

Close-up on both feet of 3 long toes. Video frame by in June 20, 2017,
YouTube “Special Report: Unearthing Nazca.”

Close-up on 3 long fingers with six bones in them and fingernails that resemble humans.
Video frame by in June 20, 2017, YouTube “Special Report: Unearthing Nazca.”


Melissa Tittl, Gaia's Director of Original Content, was given information that a Peruvian archaeologist had a contact to the bodies. Could this be a primitive human with a developmental deformity? Or could the strange humanoids be evidence of a non-human species that has existed in the past, or could even exist some place now?

The Peruvian archaeologist had no other precedent for such mummies in Peru or anywhere else in the world. So, Melissa decided, “It could be something crazy. It could be something real. Whatever it is, we wanted to go to Nazca to see for ourselves and do our own story.”

In the spring of 2017, Melissa traveled to the Nazca region with a camera crew
to investigate the “weird” mummified bodies found in a tomb not yet shown by Gaia. The first YouTube "Special Report: Unearthing Nazca" begins with the lifting of the all white mummy from a black box container. The legs are drawn up towards the chest and the arms cross each other in front of the chest with the long 3-fingered hands each holding on to the opposite shoulder.

Crew and researchers surrounding the mummy after it was lifted out of black box container.
Samples of tissues and the white substance covering the body were collected for analysis.
Unlike most ancient mummies in which internal organs were removed to help prevent
internal rot, this mummy still contains its internal organs. Video frame by
in June 20, 2017, YouTube “Special Report: Unearthing Nazca.”

So far there is no laboratory report about what the white substance is covering the body. The Egyptians did at times use natron, a naturally occurring mixture of sodium carbonate, like soda ash mixed with sodium bicarbonate, during mummification ceremonies because natron absorbs water and is a drying agent.

Diorama depicting ancient Egyptians pouring natron (salts) on bodies for mummification.
Source: Field Museum Library, 1990/Getty Images.

However, there is no example in Egypt or South America or anywhere else so far known in which the entire body is coated with the white substance that covers the Nazca mummy above in the Gaia YouTube video and other smaller mummies found in what is described as an underground tomb.


Nazca Peru's Famous and Mysterious
Ancient Lines and Glyphs

The name Nazca is from the Nazca culture that flourished on Peru's Pacific coast desert, one of the driest regions on Earth, between 100 B. C. and 800 A. D. Most of the geoglyphs and lines are dated from 200 B. C. to 500 A.D. Is it a coincidence that the strange white mummies have also been carbon dated to the time period of  245 A. D.  to 410 A. D?

Whether it was the Nazca natives or Something Else, that very dry Peruvian plateau 250 miles (400 km) south of Lima is covered by strange, large, ancient land glyphs and lines between the towns of Nazca and northwest to Palpa. Pilots say there are land glyphs even much higher in the hills rising toward the Andes Mountains.

The mysterious Nazca lines and glyphs stretch over the dry plateau between
Nazca and Palpa, some 30 miles and extend up into the low lands of the Andes
in a 170-square-mile (450 Sq. km) canvas of the puzzling animals, insects
and geometric shapes and miles-long, perfectly straight “runways.”

If these laser-straight runways were constructed by the Nazca natives 2,000 years ago,
what purpose did they serve? Aerial photographs close to the ground show the patterns
are pressed deeply into the dry soil many inches. Local pilots say “no humans trudged all this
with their feet,” which was the original accepted explanation in the 1930s after the Nazca lines
and patterns were first reported to the world. Aerial image © 2014 by Lorin R. Robinson.

The Nazca hummingbird is 310 feet (93 m.) long. Aerial image © 2014 by Lorin R. Robinson.

On June 25, 2017, the following interview was recorded by Reporter and Editor Linda Moulton Howe with Melissa Tittl,'s Director of Original Content in Louisville, Colorado.


Melissa Tittl is Director of Original Content for in Louisville, Colorado.
Melissa traveled to the Nazca region with a camera crew in the spring of 2017
to investigate the “weird” mummified bodies found in a tomb. Video frame by in June 20, 2017, YouTube “Special Report: Unearthing Nazca.”

Linda: “Melissa, I did a search today for YouTubes containing 3-fingered hands and came up with two from January 15, 2017, in "Beyond Science," and in a February 17, 2017, presentation by long-time South American explorer Brien Foerester. Both videos show a whitish hand not connected to a body that has 3 long fingers that contain six bones and a close-up of one finger shows a human-looking fingernail. What is the relationship between these and what you are uncovering in the Nazca region?

Melissa:  No, that’s a different hand. We got word of that, too, and I believe that hand is even longer than the hands on the mummy we’ve been showing in our Gaia promo. But that is not part of what we are doing.  Jaime Maussan gave us the lead on the bodies we are investigating. We have found other things that will come up in other updates, but the January/February 2017 YouTube hand is a different hand.

Linda: Is it true that you have found multiple bodies mummified like the first one?

Melissa: We have. We have found multiple bodies and I think the next update coming out is going to show and explain some of those other bodies that have been found. But I can’t share the details yet.

Linda: When does the next update air?

Melissa: We are hoping to have it out next week – possibly Thursday, June 29, 2017.

Linda: How many bodies and are they all the same?

Melissa: They are different. I can’t really comment on how many bodies have been found, but there are more than one and they are a little bit different than the one in the first Gaia promo.

Linda: Do they all have three long fingers?

Melissa: They do, which relates them even though they are slightly different.

Linda: What are the differences?

Melissa: The one that we’ve been showing, which is a bigger body (5-foot-6-inches), when compared to a human, the anatomy seems quite close to a human, except for the three long fingers and three long toes. And the head. The face and head shape are a bit different from humans.

Video frame by in June 20, 2017, YouTube “Special Report: Unearthing Nazca.”

But in comparison to the other bodies that we’ve found, the others are like a different type of species.

Linda: Are you talking about something that is taller and something else that is shorter that's in the hybrid category? Or children?

Melissa: This whole investigation is so fascinating because we don’t really know what they are and that’s the point of our investigation. From what I’ve seen and who I’ve talked to and the information that’s about to come out next Thursday, June 29, 2017, they are NOT cloned. That makes it more difficult to say that this is some kind of creation that somebody just made this up. The bodies all have differences like you would if you were a human. Not all human bodies are exactly the same.

They have a prototype, but they are slightly different. So that’s what I find really interesting about those other bodies compared to this one in our promo.

Linda: So it's definite that some bodies are taller and some are smaller?

Melissa: Exactly. Some are taller and some are of a smaller build.


Several Mummified White Bodies
Together Underground — Is It A Tomb?

“A tomb is a large vault, typically an underground
one, for burying the dead.”

Linda: Because there are several bodies together, do you think you've got a graveyard?

Melissa: I don’t know. It’s very strange. I think it’s a tomb. It seems to be set up more like a tomb and that certain creatures were preserved. And for what purpose, we don’t know. It’s like a special place where the bodies were put.

Linda: Like an underground enclosure for a family?

Melissa:  It's an underground space with several bodies in it, but I don’t know. It’s been said that’s true, but we haven’t been able to go to the tomb yet, which is another part of the investigation. That will help us get other answers to how the bodies were placed. We have an archaeologist helping us, who specializes in burials and has been in Peru for ten years. As a professional, he wants to know more about the tomb setting, too. So we want to go forward with that, if we can.

Linda: Who has the control over the tomb?

Melissa: I can’t really say right now, but it’s not us at Gaia. And we’re not Peruvian, so we can’t control another piece of property in another country. Again, we are like investigators there.

Linda: But is the control going to prevent you from getting into the tomb?

Melissa: I don’t think so. I think eventually we’ll be able to get there. I think right now things are a little dicey. I mean we came out with the report and Peru did their own report. The Peruvian government wherever they might be in the process, they want to make sure that everything was done correctly.  So I think we just need to wait a little bit.

Linda: Is anybody watching the body you videotaped to see if there are any skin or other changes now?

Melissa: Yes, definitely, but I don't know if there have been any changes.

Linda: Are the other bodies still buried?

Melissa: That's to be discovered. We are like flies on the wall investigating to see what it is and everything we're reporting about is there in Peru. And we will have further Gaia updates.

Linda: Are there any glyphs or straight lines anywhere near the tomb?

Melissa: Not that I know of. The Nazca lines, we don’t know where they came from or lead to or are trying to tell us? They could be connected to the mummies. But what are they preserving there that they, long ago, want us to look at, to see, to dig deeper. I don’t want to draw a direct line, but I’m saying the area is just mysterious and the fact that the mummies are found in the same area of those glyphs and lines is something to consider.


What Is the White Substance Covering
the 3-Fingered Mummy?

Linda: Why would any mummy or mummies dated to about 2,000 years ago, according to the 245 A. D.  to 410 A. D carbon dating, be covered all over by the grey-white substance that looks like chalk and called 'white dust' in your promo?

Melissa: More questions than answers. I can’t stress enough that our team finds it weird and we are looking into it. We want people to be patient with us. We’ve taken all these samples from the bodies of the white dust to see what it is. We haven’t got the results back yet. But I think the most important thing is to get the white powder and body tested at a certified lab and then see what the results are. What could it be? Otherwise, until that’s done, everyone is just speculating, which is where we’re all at right now.

However, Prof. Konstantin Korotkov, Ph.D., Prof. of  Physics, St. Petersburg Federal Research University of Informational Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, Saint Petersburg, Russia, and his team — they have started the full DNA sequencing and have started to get some things back. When they started the process, they had to put some liquid to separate the DNA sample. And when they did that, they smelled  an herbal smell. And they couldn’t figure out what it was, but they definitely smelled herbal. That to me says that it’s evidence of some kind of resin. In Egypt, they used resin made out of trees and plants, too, not only to perfume the body, but it also helps preserve it.

The white powder is still a mystery and I’m in the same boat that you are. I would like to know what it is. We are getting it tested.

Linda: Could the white powder be a natron substance, the soda ash and sodium bicarbonate mixture that the ancient Egyptians used in some mummification rituals? I've been doing a lot of reading and can't find any mention of natron use for mummies in South America. Have you researched natron?

Melissa: I have and I’ve come to the same conclusion that you have. I haven’t found any natron in the Peruvian burial practices. We really need to figure out what that white stuff  is and where it came from. So, I don’t have an answer for the white powder at this moment. But it does look like, according to the one lab from Russia that there was some kind of burial practice that used some kind of herbal ointment or liquid or wash of some sort.

The more experts we have from different science specialties, the better. And we are 100% open to that. This is like an invite to anyone who wants to be involved. We would love to work with them because it’s all about trying to figure out what the mummies are. That’s the most important thing and to do it right and get scientists the right samples.


DNA Analysis in U. S.?

Linda: If you can work with an American DNA expert, would you be able to get the body from Peru to a U. S. laboratory? Or would DNA scientists have to go to Peru?

Melissa: That’s something we would have to figure out. Right now, I don’t have an answer for that.

Linda: And my mind leaps to the next questions: How many other white mummies are there? Why are they near Nazca and all its centuries of land glyph mysteries? Are they a human variation? Or are they non-humans, maybe even extraterrestrials based in Peru 2,000 years ago? Is there any reference anywhere in the archaeological literature to 3-fingered hands and feet? Or mummies all covered in white powder?

Melissa: No, we haven’t found any, but maybe this will open up more information about how this could have happened, or where they came from. Maybe there are things we haven’t dug up or even realized before. This has just started and we have a lot more information that’s coming out in further weeks.

But it’s strange and doesn’t fit into what we’ve known thus far, so we’ll just see what more we can find. I’ve never found any 3-fingered beings before, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there, even if they haven’t been discovered.

Linda: Three fingers and three toes came up in the Puerto Rico chupacabras mystery of 1995 to 1996. I went there to investigate all the bloodless puncture wounds in goats, chickens, dogs, cattle, horses and talked to eyewitnesses who had seen a strange entity that could stand up on two legs and then jump eight or nine feet in the air over fences. The entity was described as having three fingers and three toes, but the eyewitness illustrations in my Earthfiles chupacabras reports don't look like the Nazca mummy.


What Is Strongest Data So Far
That the Mummies Are Real?

Melissa: I can’t speak for myself, but I can speak from experts that we have talked to who have started to analyze this such as Mary Jesse, M. D., the Assistant Professor of Radiology-Diagnostics, at the School of Medicine, University of Colorado-Denver. She is someone who is not into this stuff at all, but was kind of blown away by the fact that she could not figure out how it was not real, meaning she expected to prove a hoax and has not been able to.

Dr. Jesse explained that if the bones were kind of glued together like some people speculate out there that you can take pieces of different bodies and glue them all together and you have strange bodies.

But she said, ‘I couldn’t find one piece of that (white mummy) body that looked like it was put together. There are certain marks on the bone of how that would happen.’

(Melissa continues) I’m not a muscular skeletal radiologist, but according to her you can tell:

1)  if the bone is fake, it has a different lightness to it in the CATSCANS. It looks different than the other bones.

2)  There are also markings that would mean the bones could be fake.  There wasn’t any of that.

3)  Also, the hand is a pretty complicated mechanism and she was explaining that if someone really replicated this  3-fingered hand, they would have to know so much about anatomy that they would have to be doing that for a living. She said they have every little tiny  piece of that hand in there, like even to the tip, which is just like a human finger (except the long 3-fingered hand at Nazca has 6 joints). The tip is just a little bone that sits at the end of your finger. She was just blown away by the fact that she couldn’t really find something that said to her this could be fake.”


If anyone has more information about the 3-fingered and 3-toed mummies covered in white substance discovered in a tomb near Nazca, Peru, please contact: [email protected]. And to keep up with Gaia updates about the Nazca mummy research, go to

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Websites: June 20, 2017 YouTube "SPECIAL REPORT: Unearthing Nazca":

Gaia "Unearthing Discoveries," June 15, 2017:

Mummy and Mummification:

Nazca Lines, Wikipedia:



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