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Part 1: More Mysterious Explosive Booms in Arkansas, Toronto, Kentucky, Central Virginia, Texas, Missouri, Illinois and Vermont

© 2014 by Linda Moulton Howe


— “My father thought his house was being hit with a HUGE close-fired
military projectile. He said 5-inch 54 artillery shell, to be precise!”

- Residents between Edmonton and Columbia, KY, south of Louisville, Jan. 6, 2014

“For the second morning in two weeks, I was awakened today
by a loud boom. I have lived in this Toronto area for 20 years
and temperatures have been much lower than now WITHOUT
any reports of frost quakes.”

- Toronto resident on Jan. 7, 2014

January 9, 2014 Albuquerque, New Mexico - From December 2013 to January 8, 2014, Earthfiles received dozens more mysterious loud boom reports and one eerie trumpet/horn multiple earwitness report from Milton, Vermont. This mysterious boom and horn phenomenon has been reported since at least January 2011, and throughout all months of each year, contradicting the 2013 winter speculation of rare “frost quakes” in Toronto and elsewhere caused by extremely cold polar vortex temperatures.


BOOMS, Smackover, Arkansas
January 7, 2014, 6 AM and 8:45 AM Central

Smackover, Arkansas (Google pointer)in Union County
is a small town of about 1800 people that are 118 miles
south of Little Rock. The name Smackover comes from
an anglicization of the French “Sumac Couvert,”
which translates to “covered in sumac.”

I heard exactly two booms this morning Central time - one early around 6 AM and another around 8:45 AM in 10 degree F. weather. Like big distant thud sounds.


Loud BOOMS, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Most recent on January 7, 2014
, Morning

I live in Toronto and for the second morning in two weeks, I was awakened today by a loud boom - kinda like a sonic boom, but then there were two booms minutes after that not quite as loud. Those December 25th booms here were attributed to rare frost quakes since the temperatures were so low. However, I have lived in this Toronto area for 20 years and temperatures have been much lower than now WITHOUT any reports of frost quakes.


BOOM ripping thru house on Jan. 6, 2014, between Edmonton and Columbia, KY
January 6, 2014, 10:30 - 11 PM Central

Edmonton, Kentucky (Google pointer)
is 108 miles south of Louisville and
25 miles southwest of Columbia.

My family and myself were watching TV last night and I was nodding when about 10:30 -11 PM Central, we all heard what sounded like something HUGE ripping through our house ... with a followed BOOM sound. I went out to investigate, but could not find anything disturbed.

I called my father who lives about 8 miles away and surprisingly, he heard the SAME thing - he thought his house was being hit with a HUGE close-fired military projectile — he said 5-inch 54 artillery shell, to be precise! But upon his inspection, nothing was evident for such a loud noise.


Mysterious Booms Rattle Central Virginia in Colonial Heights and Chesterfield
January 5, 2014 at 5:30 PM Eastern

Colonial Heights (Google pointer) and Chesterfield (red circle) are south of Richmond, Virginia.

See WTVR CBS 6 January 7, 2014, newscast about January 5th loud booms:

This is an update to the mysterious loud booms heard throughout Colonial Heights and Chesterfield during the past week. Since our story aired yesterday on January 6, 2014, we've received hundreds of calls, emails and Facebook posts from our CBS viewers.

CBS 6 News Reporter Wayne Covil: “So many people have commented on Facebook and some live more than 100 miles away from Colonial Heights. The booms, though, remain a mystery that many want solved.

1st Resident Stewart Blankenship: "Yeah, I guess I would like to know what it is causing this because it's pretty loud."

Covil: Stewart Blankenship is not alone.

Chief A. G. Moore, Colonial Heights Fire and AMS: "I am now even more intrigued and would seriously like to get to the bottom of this."

Covil: After our (January 6, 2014) story aired about the booms being heard (on January 5th) in southern Chesterfield County and throughout Colonial Heights, more than 200 people commented on Facebook.

Chief A. G. Moore, Colonial Heights Fire and AMS: "I think that's what kind of surprised me the most was seeing this is not just confined to Colonial Heights and southern Chesterfield. It's far reaching."

Covil: The booms, or explosions, as some people call it, began about a month ago.

Stewart Blankenship: "I would hear a boom about once every two or three days - just a loud boom and that was it."

Covil: Since December 2014, the booms have prompted calls to both Colonial Heights and Chesterfield 911. The latest calls coming in this past Sunday afternoon, January 5, 2014.

911 Emergency Caller: "There was a very loud explosion in the 5000 block of Hippler Road."

Covil: Often the loud noise brings people out of their homes.

2nd Resident Chase Henry: "I got out of my bed and went outside and was looking around and then I walked back inside and I had no idea (what happened)."

Covil: "Did it startle you?"

3rd Resident Chase Mosconi: "Yes, it startles you and makes you want to get up and see what's going on and check out the window and make sure everything's alright."

Covil: "Sunday's boom was not from any type of activity at Fort Lee or Fort Pickett or from any rock quarries in Dinwitty or Chesterfield. And while some believe it might be some cold-related tremor, the average temperature last week was nearly 40 degrees F."

I contacted the Dept. of Environmental Quality to ask if they had any idea what might be causing the booms and they tell us they had no complaints. Now a quick internet search revealed other states recently have what some call mysterious booms as well."


Lots of Booms in Cleveland, Texas
January 4, 2014

Cleveland, Texas (Google pointer)
is 46 miles northeast of Houston.

Lot of booms here in Cleveland, Texas, and my sister hears 30 miles away - about 8 times in over 2 hours. There were two sounds a little different each time, and one was really long like 60 seconds of rumble.


Two Unusual Booms in South St. Louis County, Missouri
January 3, 2014 at 8:30 and 10 PM

It was like surround sound - two unusual booms, one at 8:30 PM and one at 10 PM on Friday, January 3, 2014. I thought a neighbor's house had imploded. Went outside, but nothing to see in our South St. Louis County, Missouri, suburban area.


Half Dozen Loud Booms in Vandalia, Illinois
December 26 - 27, 2013

Vandalia, Illinois is 70 miles northeast of St. Louis, Missouri.

On two consecutive days, December 26-27, 2013, I heard booms just north of Vandalia, Illinois. I was deer hunting on the afternoon of December 26, and heard about half a dozen loud booms off to the west. They sounded like they were off in the distance, but I could feel the lower frequencies. The next afternoon on December 27, I heard about a dozen loud booms also and a few of them seemed to have an echo to them.

To be continued in Part 2 - Trumpet/horn sound and booms in Milton, Vermont


If any Earthfiles viewer knows more about the strange boom phenomenon, or has heard the mysterious sounds, please email: All requests for confidentiality are honored.

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