The Mysterious Life and Death of Dr. Wilhelm Reich

April 20, 1999 New York City - One of the most maligned scientists of the 20th century was psychiatrist
Dr. Wilhelm Reich. He was born on March 24th, 1897 in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, grew up on a farm, and then entered medical school. By
the 1920s, Dr. Reich was being hailed as the heir apparent to Sigmund Freud because of his contributions to psychoanalysis.

By the 1930s, Dr. Reich's studies of biogenesis -- the origin of life -- were thought by some to be worthy of a Nobel Prize.
Then in the 1940s in the United States, Dr. Reich claimed to discover a new form of energy that he said pervaded all space
and life, including vacuums. He began to write about a new paradigm in physics, one in which energy -- not matter -- is primary.
And Dr. Reich began to experiment with weather modification. Those experiments seemed to attract glowing lights of unknown
origin and Reich speculated the lights were advanced machines operated by non-human intelligences. All of this apparently threatened
people of power and financial influence in America and Europe.


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