Part 13 – UFO Crash/Retrievals, Status Report VII by Len Stringfield

"While imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp, (we) witnessed low-level UFOs over the camp, even alarming the German authorities."

- Mrs. Robert Lee Malone

To be more computer-upload-friendly, the reprints will be divided into parts. Here begins Part 13 of Status Report VII, from February 1994.

The Macabre Case of "Agent" Robert Lee Malone

Here is still another sobering, high-intrigue case slinking its way out of the Hall of Mirrors that defies any cut-and-dry explanation. With so many key details missing, I would have dismissed the case had it not been for the 6 months of prior, in-depth investigation by Georgeanne Cifarelli of San Marino, California, who is MUFON's Assistant State Director for Southern California.


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