Part 5: “Clearview” Report on the Investigation of UFO Experiences on A Rocky Mountain Ranch

"The things that went on out there (Clearview Ranch) left few doubts that they appear extraterrestrial and I have few doubts that they are not friendly. ...After the pilot crashed and other things occurred, I had no doubt that they (non-humans) can play rough. And the law officer encouraged me to accept that point of view. But again, if they are playing rough, they are up to something that I don't feel is ethical. I personally feel that something a whole lot more is going on."
- Colorado rancher

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"29. Friend Loses Physical Control

Jim: This leads us back to another incident. A friend of a friend who was in the Army came out to the ranch to visit. He knew nothing about it; this was just his trip to the country. He spent the night, but he would not go into the woods. He felt something was very wrong and he did not want to go out. We did not press him and we didn't discuss anything. The next morning when we got up, he was already up and was walking across the fields. He would walk stiltedly out and then turn and run back. He was doing that back and forth and everyone thought he was crazy. When we asked him what was going on, he said that every time he got near the house, something took control of him and forced him to walk back into the fields.


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