Part 4: “Clearview” Report on the Investigation of UFO Experiences on A Rocky Mountain Ranch

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"25. Don't Trust Senses Unless Two or More See

Barbara: Really, we did not mention the fact that often when the wall pounding was going on, or when there would be a larger number of disks, or the animal would be around more ­ quite often all the electricity would go off. I absolutely freaked out if anybody wanted to go out and check the breaker on the corral until after things had calmed down. We would check house breakers and eventually, go out to the corral and the breakers would be on out there. We developed a system of nobody going by themselves and nobody making a big issue out of something that at least two people did not see or hear. It was too easy to get paranoid. Once I went out the back door and heard this horrible sound in the corral and screamed and freaked out and came running in. Everybody went out with flashlights and it was a cow that had gotten trapped in the corral. It's very easy to get into that (mind set) and I could see my children doing it. Everything strange that happened ­ a sudden wind storm that came up, a sudden fog that would roll in ­ would be the space creatures. It was becoming an absolutely paranoid thing ­ it was very frightening.


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