Part 2: “Reasons Why U.S. Government CAN’T Release Truth About UFOs!” with Canadian Researcher, Grant Cameron

Reporter Sarah McClendon: 'Mr. President, why don't you do something about the ET cover-up?' President Bill Clinton: 'There's a government inside the government and I don't control it.'  Return to Part 1 Interview: Grant Cameron, a building facility manager at the University of Manitoba; reporter and producer of, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada:   How Does U.S. Government Reverse Its Policy of Lies and Denials About ETs YOU CAN HEAR THAT DISCUSSION DECADE AFTER DECADE FROM TRUMAN AT LEAST UP TO THE CURRENT DAY. GRANT, WHAT HAS CHANGED - IF ANYTHING - THAT MIGHT OPEN UP THE TRUTH ABOUT THE FACT THAT WE'RE NOT ALONE IN THE UNIVERSE AND THAT THERE HAVE BEEN OTHER INTELLIGENCES INTERACTING WITH THIS PLANET FOR MILLENNIA? WHAT WOULD REVERSE THE LIES AND OPEN UP THAT TRUTH - LET'S SAY IN THE NEXT 20 YEARS? Good question. I don't know. Basically, I think you are talking the same things that have held it up. I can't really see ­ unless they make a mistake. My idea is to get a high ranking leader who has been briefed and confirms the fact he was briefed, which leads you to a date, a briefing date, where you can get a document. The document will have the truth, not the misinformation they are putting out. It will have the actual truth of what is going on.


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