Part 2: UFO Crash/Retrievals: Status Report III – Amassing The Evidence

"The saucer-like object had a stationary dome in the center, but the outer rim was still spinning in a counter-clockwise direction, and the lights on this outer edge were rotating in the same direction. But what startled us more was the sight of four small bodies scattered outside the craft. They were motionless and appeared to be dead."

- USAF Search and Rescue Photographer, New Mexico, 1954

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To be more computer-friendly, the reprint has been divided into parts. Here begins Part 2 of Status Report III, written in June 1982. The series of status reports, I through VII, were written by Leonard H. Stringfield from 1978 to 1994. Previous Status Report IV begins at Earthfiles 021205. Leonard Stringfield died on December 18, 1994.


This paper follows the reportorial pattern established in The UFO Crash/Retrieval Syndrome, Status Report II, published by MUFON in January 1980. As before, case history reports are divided into two parts. Reports from first person witnesses are classified as 'A,' while 'B' reports concern secondhand or intermediary information and other relative data submitted by researchers. 


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