Part 1: Eyewitness Description of Cattle Mutilated by Reptoids

"The cow was limp on its side with all four legs touching.
And they (alien beings) proceeded to take these machines and go
into different areas of the body and cut them and
extract the blood out for food."

- Roger Vail, Musician

July 4, 2005  Mid-West - Roger Vail was born in the mid-West in 1944 and joined the U. S. Navy in 1963. He went through electronic technician school and intended to have a military career. But an injury in his first military year meant an early honorable discharge in 1964. After that, he went to Western Illinois University to work on a physics major, but switched to a Mass Communications major. Then, music and travel pulled him away before he completed his undergraduate degree. Roger spent the next 21 years playing guitar and bass. Finally, in 1985, he finished his B.A. with an emphasis on radio and TV production.


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