Part 4: The UFO Crash/Retrieval Syndrome: Status Report II – New Sources, New Data

"(Autopsied alien's) skin ... beige, tan, brown, or tannish or pinkish gray and one said it looked almost 'bluish gray' under deep freeze lights. In two instances, the bodies were charred to a dark brown. The texture is described as scaly or reptilian, and as stretchable, elastic or mobile over smooth muscle or skeletal tissue. No striated muscle."

- Source: Medical doctors descriptions after autopsies

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To be more computer-friendly, the reprint has been divided into parts. Here begins Part 4 of Status Report II, written in January 1980. The series of status reports, I through VII, were written by Leonard H. Stringfield from 1978 to 1994. Previous Status Report III begins at Earthfiles. Leonard Stringfield died on December 18, 1994. For all the previous status reports, see Earthfiles Archives.

Leonard H. Stringfield:


This entry concerns the medical phase of my inquiry into the study of the alien occupants allegedly recovered from crashes of their vehicles. My first meeting with a prime medical contact came in June 1978, while working on my first status report (reprinted in upcoming Earthfiles) for release in Dayton, Ohio. It was arranged by a veteran researcher of long acquaintance who was aware of my quest for UFO crash/retrieval information. He also knew that I had acquired certain basic pathological information from other sources. Over our dinner, information from the doctor, who served on the staff of a major hospital, came slowly and cautiously. He made references to a colleague who performed an autopsy on an alien body in the early 1950s, but in the main, not much new data were revealed beyond general exterior anatomy. Significant, however, was that certain characteristics, some ambiguously described by other sources, were surprisingly corroborated. Of course, I asked many questions. Most were unanswered. Later that evening, I met my informant's charming wife and we all agreed that our subject was not only bizarre, but almost too incredible for the general public's acceptance. Departing, the doctor was agreeable to further meetings. 


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