Part 4: An Alleged 1953 UFO Crash and Burial Near Garrison, Utah

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November 11, 2005  -

Remote Viewing by Joe McMoneagle
October 13 to 15, 1005

LINDA: I talked about the DRES case with MJ-12 and UFO crash/retrieval researcher, Ryan Wood, who suggested I hire the talented remote viewer, Joe McMoneagle, of Intuitive Intelligence Applications in Virginia. I prepared a sealed envelope that had only a xerox of a June 11, 1953, aerial photograph of the triangle in the DRES lakebed and the latitude and longitude coordinates of the triangle. (113W 40'29.83" by 38N 37'). Later after the work was completed, the sealed envelope was returned to me unopened, taped and marked with lines that would have torn if the envelope had been opened.


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