Part 2: Time Travel, Insights from USAF Sergeant and UFO Abductee

"The people who live on the Earth, those who will survive the (destructive) changes (to come), will be evolving into a new species of being. ... I'm not referring right now to the time travelers from Earth's future that are here also."

- Abductee Linda Porter

Linda Porter with her daughter, Lisa, on December 25, 1995.
Linda Porter with her daughter, Lisa, on December 25, 1995.

October 11, 2006  Albuquerque, New Mexico - The first week of March 1991, I received a brown, legal-sized envelope by Certified Mail postmarked February 28, 1991, from Porterville, California. The envelope contained an audiocassette, letter and drawings from a woman named Linda Porter.

The day I received the package, I took her audiocassette to play in the car on errands. Her clear and articulate voice impressed me. Linda Porter was an educated person struggling to understand a life full of phenomena that did not fit acceptable categories of reality. She had decided it was important to reach me after hearing a conference presentation I had given in California concerning eyewitness testimony about non-human intelligences interacting with our planet. She was concerned about her vulnerability as a person caught up in the human abduction syndrome and was frightened about the United States government's policy of suppressing the alien presence.


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