Two Bulls and Several Cows Dead and Mutilated in Manitoba, Canada

“I’ve had dead animals before, but I’ve never seen them like this. And then Greg (Wotowich) lost his bull and just recently, Lois and Steve Matis lost one of their cows. The teats on theirs was cut off in circles just like mine.”

- Sheila Vigfusson, Manitoba Rancher

August 17, 2007   Komarno and Gimli, Manitoba, Canada - The modern era of worldwide animal mutilations goes back to the 1960s. Canada had as many reports as the United States. For example, in August 1967, exactly forty years ago, on the Sarcee Reserve near Twin Bridges in Alberta, a dead horse was found where a witness claimed a “domed saucer craft” had been seen earlier that day.


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