Mysterious Aerial Spheres: Letters to Earthfiles

“One (2008) scene in particular involved a spherical craft being escorted,
and ultimately fought off by, two military helicopters. ...The USAF first asked the scene be changed and the sphere eliminated. If the scene wasn't changed and the spherical craft eliminated, the USAF would withdraw their support. Basically, that's the same thing we went through on Independence Day, too, when Area 51 was referenced in that script.”

- Hollywood Feature Special Effects Pro

March 31, 2008  Albuquerque, New Mexico - During my 3-hour Coast to Coast AM with George Noory news updates on Thursday, March 27, 2008, I shared a March 20, 2008, deer mutilation in Longs, South Carolina, not far from North Myrtle Beach. A few nights before the mutilated deer was found by a retired broadcast engineer, he also saw a glowing, white sphere about 6 feet in diameter moving in the night sky between two military helicopters. [ See 032808 Earthfiles Real X-File.]  On the air, I asked listeners to email me who might have had their own glowing sphere encounters or have current knowledge about American military interaction with glowing spheres. I have received dozens of emails and share a few in this Earthfiles report for consideration and other comment.


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