Part 10: High Strangeness Files about EBENs

“I'm pretty sure some - maybe all - of the aliens don't want us or anyone on Earth to use nuclear weapons, so aliens interfere with our missiles.”  

- U. S. Military Source

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June 1, 2009  Albuquerque, New Mexico -  Continuing in Part 10 with Linda Moulton Howe's 1983 to 1987 High Strangeness file notes about EBENs and other non-human entities. The following are interview notes I wrote after a 1985 discussion with a military source who told me he had been to Pease AFB to view non-human bodies preserved in five vertical tubes of liquid hanging on a wall.

[ Editor's Note:  Wikipedia - “Pease Air Force Base in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, was a U.S. Air Force base under the control of the Strategic Air Command (SAC) until 1991. Back in 1958, the 509th Bombardment Wing that had been at Walker AFB, New Mexico, in 1958, and was the successor to the famed 509th Composite Group of World War II that had executed the nuclear strikes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki moved to Pease AFB.” ] The 509th BW was also involved in the retrieval of one or more non-human craft that crashed, or were shot down, near Roswell and White Sands Proving Ground in July 1947. ]


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