Part 2 – 2009 Canadian Crop Formations: Stettler, Alberta and Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

“I was amazed that I found entire stems coming from the ground
flattened that were perfect without breaks, cracks or creases.”

- Donald Tash, M. S., Retired Science Teacher, Stettler, Alberta


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October 5, 2009  Stettler, Alberta, Canada - The lists 93 crop formations worldwide for 2009. The list includes: Belgium - 4;Czech Republic-1; United Kingdom-51; France-2;Germany-10;Italy-7;Netherlands-9; Norway-1;Poland-1;
Russia-1;Slovakia-2; Switzerland-1;USA-1 (Wilbur, Lincoln County, Washington, July 23, 2009) and Canada-2.


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