Part 1:  RAF Bentwaters – 1986 Interview with Former Airman Larry Warren

“Malcolm Zickler and the other intelligence agents got around with all this propaganda about our loyalty to the country and ... Zickler comes out
and says, ‘If you make it too difficult for us,’ – and this is the one quote I’ll remember for the rest of my life – ‘If you make it too difficult for us, bullets are cheap.’”

- Larry Warren, former RAF Bentwaters Airman 1st Class, in 1986 interview

Updated with Larry Warren's comments below on February 7, 2010 / original report filed January 26, 2010  Albuquerque, New Mexico  - In December 1980, at RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk County, England, not far from the coast northeast of London, Airman 1st Class Lawrence Patrick Warren, aka Larry Warren, was assigned to D Flight. The Shift Commander was U. S. Air Force Major Malcolm S. Zickler.


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