Part 1 – Grandson of AEC Scientist “Healed” by Grey Entities in 1958

“Then it appeared as though the wall of the hospital liquefied and three, small, brownish-grey-colored beings just came through the liquefied wall. It was amazing!”

- Gary Connor, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

October 30, 2010  Albuquerque, New Mexico - Gary Connor was born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, in 1954, and had extraordinary interactions with non-humans when he nearly died at age four in 1958; during a boy scout trip outside Gaithersburg, Maryland, when he was twelve in 1966; and as a new 17-year-old U. S. Army recruit in February 1971, at Fort Dix, New Jersey, southeast of Trenton.

Retired now with disability from trucking and security work, Gary contacted me because he has seen other Earthfiles reports about people who grew up during World War II or in the couple of decades afterward inside families where parents and grandparents were exposed to the non-human presence on Earth during their work as scientists or in military missions.


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