Part 9:  Private Detective’s Encounters with Non-Humans

“I feel like the Preying Mantis types are trying to make a cloned body or hybrid-type body that is able to capture energy of a soul and contain it or trap it to use for some goal.”

- “Joshua Rhinehall,” Private Investigator, Pacific Northwest


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March 10, 2011  Albuquerque, New Mexico - As I interviewed Joshua Rhinehall and heard his description of time line manipulation by advanced intelligences in order to influence Earth's future, I thought back to two men I met in 1985, who claimed to have government insider knowledge about an extraterrestrial civilization in the binary star system, Zeta Reticuli that is 37.5 light-years from Earth. One man was retired in Washington, D. C. The other continued government assignments in the southwest. Each said he had worked for a secret group that kept evolving from the original MJ-12 (Majestic or Majority 12) organized during the Harry Truman administration.

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