8,500 More UFO Pages Released by U. K. Ministry of Defence – But RAF Bentwaters Files Are Missing

“Officials found a ‘huge’ gap where Defence Intelligence files
relating to the (Dec. 1980) Rendlesham Forest/RAF Bentwaters case should be.”

- BBC News March 3, 2011

“I am firmly convinced that it (Bentwaters phenomena) was something beyond the realm of anything we know that probably comes from another place - or another dimension. Here was something too small for human habitation, that moves under intelligent control, has the ability to change shape, and then multiple objects appear that have the ability to send down the  equivalent of what I would say would be laser beams.”

- Col. Charles I. Halt (Ret.), Dec. 1980 RAF Bentwaters Deputy Base Cmdr., 2009

“Secret and top-secret ‘SecDef’ files for the years since the late 1950s...
are generally unavailable. ...Military intelligence records are even more
elusive, and details on the filing systems of the CIA and other intelligence agencies remain classified.”

- William Burr, National Security Archive, George Washington Univ., 2001

March 4, 2011  London, England - Yesterday the U. K. National Archives released 35 more UFO files containing 8,500 pages of  “UFO-related documents, drawings, letters and parliamentary questions covering the years 2000 – 2005.”  See hot link at end of this report.

After BBC News had staff go through the newly released files, BBC yesterday reported:  “Intelligence papers on the ‘Rendlesham Incident’ have gone missing. … Officials found a huge gap where Defence Intelligence files should have been.”


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