Part 1:  Couple Lifted in Car by Beam of Cerulean Blue Light

“Then a light of some sort, a cerulean blue light, locked on to my station wagon. It had kind of a bull whip noise to it, like a whish, whish, whish sound.”

- Longmont, Colorado resident

May 15, 2011  Albuquerque, New Mexico - A beam technology that can pick up plants, animals and humans - even pick up a moving car containing people - has been described for decades. One experiencer of such a beam was Jim Sparks who says he was conscious most of the time when a vibration in his bedroom at night would raise him in the air, through the ceiling and roof, up above his house and into a craft where he was forced to interact with non-human entities and computer-like machines with screens that taught him alien equivalents to Jim's American English alphabet and numbers. That high strangeness began for Jim Sparks in 1986 and lasted for at least six years while he worked in North Carolina real estate development. See More Information at end of this report.


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