Part 2: New Zealand Abductee Threatened by U. K. and South African Intelligence Agents

Updated with MP3 audio in Interview.

“The ‘scientists’ (intell agents) knew I had been off planet
and they were very keen to find out what I knew - at a later stage,
they became very physical with me.”

- Alec Newald, Human Abductee and Author, CoEVOLUTION


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August 26, 2011  Auckland, New Zealand - Continuing August 3, 2011, interview with Alec Newald.

Alec Newald, Author, CoEvolution 2nd Edition © 2011 and Sail Maker, Auckland, New Zealand:  “HOW DID THEY RETURN YOU TO EARTH AT THE END OF YOUR TEN DAYS ON THE ALIEN PLANET?

I was teleported back through the ribbon of energy to a station somewhere in orbit in our solar system outside Earth. It's like a ‘repeater station,’ but I don't know where it is. Then from there, I was transported back to Earth in some kind of planetary interface craft and somehow teleported back into my car. Or maybe they had originally taken my car along with me and dropped both me and the car back onto the road still moving like in my original trip from Rotorua to Auckland ten days before!


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