More Bizarre Cat Mutilations Near Vancouver, B. C., Canada

“Forensics in animal investigations are not a clear situation.  They are challenging cases. Of course, they are taken seriously. But the reality is, if we have no witnesses, it is very challenging to pursue cases like these.”

-Marcie Moriarty, Gen. Mgr., Cruelty Investigations, B. C. SPCA


October  3, 2011  Maple Ridge and Vancouver, B. C., Canada - In 1992 to 1993, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, had a rash of cats found cut in half - usually the front half was found on the owner's lawn. The Supervisor of Animal Control for the Vancouver City Pound told reporters,“The cats are clearly being butchered by someone. It's a real surgical job. And all I hope is that these cats were already dead when they were cut in half.”

At the time during those rash of cat mutilations in Vancouver, I was working with pathologist and hematologist John Altshuler, M. D., in Denver, Colorado. In March 1993, we were able to obtain one of the half cats - the front half - for analysis of the abdominal excision. Dr. Altshuler confirmed that the entire excision had been cut with something hot enough to cook the collagen and hemoglobin.

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