Updated: What Are Strange “Hums” That Keep People Awake?

“In the middle

of the night about 1 AM, the bass humming sound
started up and I actually had to leave the house to investigate.”

-  Gary Grosse, IT Administrator and Founder, Windsor/Essex
County Hum Facebook Group, Windsor, Ontario


Updated Oct. 4, 2011 about September 29, 2011 meeting, see at end of report: September 30, 2011  Windsor, Ontario, Canada and Zug Island, Michigan - The Bristol, U. K.“hum” was the first to make international news in 1979, after nearly a thousand residents told the London Sunday Mirror they were bothered by a low volume, low frequency humming noise that kept them awake at night. Theories ranged from M32 freeway traffic and factories in Avonmouth to microwave transmissions or power station transformers and underground government secret research stations. The Sneyd Park County Council even sent a team of environmental health officers out thirty different times to various parts of Bristol trying to find the strange humming source. But they could not find the sound before it mysteriously vanished.


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