Astronomer Carl Sagan’s Letter to U.K.’s MoD About Crop Circles

“Evidence has been uncovered showing some farmers have been paid considerable sums of money to destroy the real crop circles when they appear, and groups encouraged to then make hoaxed replicas.”

- From March 6, 1996, letter by astronomer Carl Sagan to U. K. Ministry of Defence


December 7, 2012   Albuquerque, New Mexico - On June 26, 1995, at Longwood Warren, Cheesefoot Head, near Winchester, Hampshire, England, a pattern was discovered in wheat that was described as a solar system. reported, “Every circle and ring was flowing in a clockwise direction. Largest formation to appear in the area so far.” That summer, some half dozen “solar system” or “asteroid belt” patterns appeared, provoking questions by investigators about whether the patterns were warning that something might occur astronomically to Earth or in the solar system.


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