Part 4: Taxonomy of Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs)

“Mr. President, the five species are called Ebens, Archquloids, Quadloids, Heplaloids and Trantaloids. These names were given to the alien species by the intelligence community, specifically MJ-5.  The Ebens are friendly; the Trantaloids are the dangerous ones.”

- From alleged transcript of classified tape recording made at Camp David, Maryland, during a presidential briefing for then-President Ronald Reagan, March 6 - 8, 1981, regarding the subject of Unidentified Flying Objects and Extraterrestrial Visitation to Earth. Briefing by then-CIA Director William Casey.


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April 5, 2013  Albuquerque, New Mexico - Continuing with taxonomy and third listed Alien Species in RELEASE 27a - Reagan Briefing, described as a “Transcript of classified tape recording made at Camp David, Maryland, during a presidential briefing regarding the subject of UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS and EXTRATERRESTRIAL VISITATION of Earth. President RONALD REAGAN was present. The recording was made between March 6 and 8, 1981.”


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