Loud, House-Shaking Booms – Even Horn/Trumpet Sounds – Persist in U. S. and Canada

— “For some reason, I was terrified of looking up there and I don't know if anybody else has had that feeling, but it's (horns) not very friendly.”

- Monika Andre, about horn/trumpet sound in
Calgary, Alberta, Canada, January 9, 2014

— “ I thought that something really bad was happening. It was terrible. It shook the house!”

- Dana McKenna, Milton, Vermont, December 23, 2013

— “Did you hear a loud 'boom' last night (January 27, 2014) around 11:20 PM Pacific, especially in the College Terrace neighborhood? If so, you weren't alone. Our 24-hour dispatch center received several calls about it. Our officers did an extensive area check, but were unable to locate the source of (boom), nor any damage anywhere. We believe that it was most likely caused by an extremely large firework! If you have any information to the contrary, please let us know.”

- Palo Alto Police Dept. near Stanford University, Jan. 27, 2014

Update February 13, 2014 St. Paul, Minnesota - Between 4 AM to nearly 5 AM, February 13, 2014, on the southwest side of St. Paul, Minnesota, several residents living on Randolph Avenue between Snelling and Cleveland Avenues called the Ramsey County Emergency Communications Center to report strange sounds variously described as like scraping metal, horns or whales recorded by some earwitnesses.


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