Part 1: The Strange Case of A Skin Mystery and Neodymium Magnet

“I was in grade school then and I’m in a deep sleep.
Something wakes me up. There was a flash of white light.
And I was a little frightened. I had a shooting pain in my right arm.”

- Natalie from Michigan.


December 13, 2014  Albuquerque, New Mexico - In the first week of June 2014, I was in Canada to speak for the 2014 Modern Knowledge Tour at the Toronto Space Center. One of my workshops focused on an emerging taxonomy of non-human entities interacting with Earth as described by government and military whistle-blowers and people affected by the human abduction syndrome. For at least half a century since World War II, men, women and children from all over this planet have described encounters with beams of light and entities that transport people to brightly glowing, round rooms where often the human becomes conscious of lying on a table with variously shaped beings, short or tall, conducting medical-like procedures that can include the implantation of a tiny monitoring technology under the skin or inside tissue.

My friend, research colleague and Toronto TV director, Sid Goldberg, attended the conference and introduced me to a mother and daughter, who attended to find help about what to do with a hard object beneath the daughter Natalie's upper right arm skin, a hard object that had bothered her since she was nine or ten years old in 1989 or 1990.


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