Part 10: Maze of Deception

“If we are dealing with a non-human, other-dimensional
intelligence, how come the Writers know about them and
about their intentions?”
  - Florida Researcher

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May 15, 2015   Albuquerque, New Mexico - After I received the two Writers floppy disc printouts of June 21 and August 16, 1994, I sent copies to three trusted friends for their comments.

One was a psychologist who studied ancient sigils, symbols and the “alien writings” shared by so many people in the human abduction syndrome. He sent back a copy of an English translation by famous British archaeologist, Sir E. A. Wallis Budge, of The Bandlet of Righteousness, An Ethiopian Book of the Dead. [ See Websites end of this report.]

Budge showed the evolution from talismanic drawings of humanoid eyes in a face to a geometric pattern of the eyes to the spaces in the geometry forming a religious Maltese cross that becomes a repeating flower petal pattern that becomes a plain 4-fold geometry that is repeated in linking decorative patterns reminiscent of the very ancient Flower of Life symbol. The psychologist wanted me to consider the many layers of hidden meanings in religious symbols through the centuries that might relate to deceptions in the battles between forces of light and darkness.


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