Part 12:  Maze of Deception – MIBs

He was real tall and skinny and he looked like he was made of wax.
Real pale and waxy looking. Like maybe he was dead or something.”

- Abductee about 1989 MIB encounter


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June 11, 2015   Albuquerque, New Mexico - This Part 12 of the Earthfiles Maze of Deception series continues Ray Boeche's interview transcript with abductee SW that he included in his 1998 conference paper Web of Deception.

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RB: What time was it when you woke up.

SW: About 2:30 AM. I was still awful scared, but the black thing wasn't there any more. I calmed down in about an hour or so and tried to go back to sleep. But I had to spend the rest of the night with the light on. I slept the next two nights, I think, with the bedroom light on.

RB: Did the nightmare you had mean anything to you?

SW: Well, it was the next day when I started to really think about and wonder if maybe the light I seen — why did I drive way out where I didn't even know where I was going. Then the little guys in my dream and that spot on my back that bled. That was when I started to thinking that maybe something I didn't understand happened that night.

RB: So after the dream, what was the next strange thing to happen?

SW: Well, the next night after work, I was walking to the lot where I park and when I get toward where my car is, I see this guy next to my car. So I figured first, he's trying to get into his car next to mine. But then when I get closer, he doesn't look right.

RB: What do you mean that he doesn't look right?

SW: Well, he's like — this sounds like I'm nuts!

RB: No, it doesn't at all. What was so strange about the man?

SW: Well, he was real tall and skinny and he looked like he was made of wax. Real pale and waxy looking. Like maybe he was dead or something.

RB: How tall was he?

SW: Well, my boyfriend is six feet even and this guy would have been 4 or 5 inches taller than him, I guess.

RB: What happened when you got to your car?

SW: Well, that's when I saw the guy was just there not getting into another car or anything. So I just walked up and unlocked my car and started to get in. He was looking at me all the time. I thought, "What a creep this guy is!" Then when I got into the car and was shutting the door, he says to me, "Do not discuss your travels. It is not safe."

RB: What did you do?

SW: I wasn't sure I had heard him right so I say, "Pardon me?" He says again, "Do not discuss your travels. It is not safe." Real precise sort of, but in a funny flat voice like no emotion or something.

RB: So this man was about 6' 4 or 5 inches and thin?

SW: Really skinny like if he was a girl I would guess he was anorexic or something.

RB: Very skinny. How was he dressed?

SW: He had on a dark suit, I think. It didn't really stick out or anything in my mind. You know, dark suit and a white shirt and dark tie. The suit maybe could have been navy or black, but black I think. And a hat, like guys used to wear in old movies, you know? It was black, too.

RB: What happened after he repeated his statement?

SW: I slammed the door and started the car and got out of there as fast as I could. It scared me, you know? He looked so weird and I thought about the phone call from before and it started to make me real scared.

RB: Was he still in the parking lot when you pulled out?

SW: No, the weird thing is that I got to the entrance to the lot and looked in my mirror and he was completely gone. There wasn't any way he could have gotten away from where I had seen him in that little space of time! So I got out of there!

RB: What were you thinking after this?

SW: Well, I got home and was changing my clothes and I started thinking about the weird phone call, the thing about my travels and then this. I mean, I've never been further away than Kansas City my whole life, so I don't have travels to discuss with nobody. So I start thinking about the phone call and my travels and then this weird dead guy talking about my travels. Somehow, it's like a big bubble inside my head bursts. I remember the nightmare and being carried toward that light. I start to remember more about what happened that night, about being inside something on like a table thing and those big-eyed things examining me.

And I fell down and just started to cry. I probably cried for an hour because I knew that somebody had taken me and done something to me and I did not even know it.

RB: Let's take a break for a few minutes so you can catch your breath and have a good cry if you want to. Just let it out and see if you feel better.

[ 10 minute break. ]

RB: I'm sorry that this is so hard on you, but I really appreciate your willingness to go ahead and discuss these things. What was the next event after the encounter in the parking lot?

SW: Well, the next big thing that happened was when the two dead-looking guys came to my door, but there was all kinds of stuff going on in between.

RB: When did the two dead looking guys come to your door?

SW: This would have been about — I think I maybe wrote it down in my check register, you know, circle the date because I was making out my bills when it happened. Yeah, here it is. That would have been on November 15, 1989.

RB: OK, before we get into that, tell me what the other stuff that happened was all about.

SW: You mean between the parking lot dead guy and the other two dead guys?

RB: Yes, what happened in between? You mentioned all kinds of stuff happening.

SW: Well, it was like things would go on that I couldn't figure out. Like one night, I went out to the store about 7:30 PM, I guess. When I came back a little after 9 PM, I know that I had shut off all of my lights in the apartment before I had left because it was just something I was kind of taught to do as a kid. You just didn't leave the lights burning. But when I got home, every light in the place was on! I snuck in because I thought that maybe somebody had broken in. But the door was locked and I'm the only one who has a key to the apartment.

RB: You're sure you might not have just forgotten and left them on?

SW: No way. It's just an automatic thing. I don't leave a light on if I'm not in the room. I guess my Dad yelled at me too many times when I was a kid.

RB: And your boyfriend doesn't have a key to your apartment?

SW: I was between boyfriends when this happened. We'd broken up about two months before and nobody but me had keys.

RB: OK, what other kinds of events took place?

SW: Well, three or four times. I mean, I am afraid you're going to think I'm nuts again, this is just so strange. Three or four times I was sure somebody was staring at me. I would be watching TV or reading or just sitting around listening to music and I would look up and just catch a glimpse of like somebody moving around the corner into the kitchen or down the hall. But there would never be anybody there. Each time, there would be this kind of musty rotten egg smell after it would happen. Have you ever heard of this kind of stuff happening before?

RB: Look, please don't worry. I don't think you're crazy. Yes, I've heard of all this stuff happening before. Don't worry. You are not the only one this has ever happened to, OK? Don't be embarrassed to just tell me straight out what happened, OK?

SW: OK. It's just kind of hard to talk about some of this stuff, you know?

RB: I know. What else happened?

SW: Well, sometimes I would pick up my phone at home to make a call and I would hear that same funny squeally electronic noise like with that first phone call at work. Nobody would be there when I would say hello. Then I would push the button down a couple of times and eventually get the dial tone back. This happened to my phone at work five or six times when I would punch an outside line and get this noise, you know? I would ask at work and nobody else would have the problem with their phones — just me. Oh, yeah, there were two other times when I would wake up at night and the big, black-like thing would be over me. That scared me an awful lot. I would have to get up and turn on the light to calm down and then try to go back to sleep with the lights on.

That is about it until the two dead looking guys showed up at my door.

RB: When was that?

SW: Let me look again. Yeah, November 15, 1989.

RB: What happened then?

SW: Well, I was paying bills. I was sitting on the floor working on my coffee table about 8:30 PM with everything all spread out around me making out checks. I was trying to get stuff paid because I was going to go home to Holdrege for Thanksgiving and stay for a week. I wanted to get all my December 1st bills paid in case I got snowed in out there or something. I was there working and kind of watching TV and somebody knocked at my door.

So, I get up and go to the door and I guess it is a lucky thing because I put the chain on the door first. When I opened it up and said, "Hello?" there was the dead looking guy from the parking lot, or at least somebody who looked a lot like him. And another guy who stood behind him a ways and looked like he almost could have been his brother, except he was shorter. They both had that dead, waxy look and the tall one closest to the door said, "We want to warn you not to discuss your travels with anyone. It would not be safe to do so."

And I said, "What travels are you talking about?"

He says, "Your travels with the searchers. It would be unwise to discuss them with anyone."

And then what was weird was that I started to get the pictures in my mind of me being out at that spot by Princeton and those big-eyed things from my dream carrying me toward the light I saw land. I began to get really scared and started to cry again and I told these guys, "Just get out of here, leave me alone!"

Then this car pulls up in the parking lot and the headlights sweep across these guys and they get real nervous and start looking back and forth at each other real fast. Then the tall guy says once more, "Don't discuss your travels with anyone. It wouldn't be safe." They they real jerky-like walk away like some kind of wind-up walking doll that sort of rocks back and forth when it walks, but real fast and jerky-like.

Then when they went out of sight from the crack in the doorway, I was so scared by the whole thing that I broke down and cried again and locked the door and spent the night in the living room with the lights on.

RB: Have you had any more visits or phone calls since?

SW: No, but I'm looking over my shoulder because I am afraid they may show up again and I don't know if I could take it. I'm afraid I would just go crazy from it.


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