Part 1: Praying Mantis Emerges in Meditation

“This praying mantis creature's civilization communicates difficult concepts via the use of symbols that radiate emotion. ...The emotional aspect is relayed via carrier waves that resemble sound waves, but are not part of the human sound spectrum. These waves can be felt, but not heard.”

- Linda Porter, Human Abductee, 1963, Covina, California

“I was overwhelmed by the power of presence (of mantis being) that was
suddenly before me. ... waves of thought energy flooded my being
and it was really a wave of love that filled me.”

- “G. S.”, TV director and meditator, 2010, Toronto Canada


December 18, 2015 Toronto, Canada - “G. S.” is a 59-year-old TV director, who lives and works in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He was born and raised in Montreal and after graduating high school in 1974, he earned a degree in communication studies specializing in TV production from a local university in 1979. But even before graduation, he found himself drawn to Eastern philosophy of meditation and over the next twenty-four years, he would live off and on in the Indian Himalaya region studying meditation techniques with a master.

Then in 2010 at age 54, the most extraordinary meditation experience of his life occurred on a summer afternoon in his downtown Toronto condo.


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