Part 1: Is Our Universe Also A 3-D Hologram?

“It doesn't seem like the universe cares so much about fairness
as it does care that all things that can happen — do.”

- Jason Padgett, co-author Struck by Genius

February 24, 2017 Federal Way, Washington - Even though Thomas Campbell seems convinced that our universe, if simulated, is not holographic but purely information based, perhaps built from 3-dimensional fractal geometries, there are increasingly credible science papers and books about the simulation of our universe as a 3-dimensional hologram.

Only a month ago on January 30th, 2017, theoretical physicists and astrophysicists from the University of Southampton in the U. K. — the University of Waterloo in Canada — and the University of Salento in Italy — published in the Physical Review Letters  “substantial evidence” that we’re living in a holographic universe.


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