Part 3: More Mystery About Alaska Underground Dark Pyramid

“These dark underground pyramids are going to be revealed at some point.
It's almost like these pyramids are very individual in their looks and types, but I feel that what's going on in the Antarctic right now is exactly what's going on up in Alaska as well. So these are the same types of black pyramids.”

- Dina Napier from 1995 remote viewing
underground black pyramid in Alaska, age 22

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March 24, 2017 Albuquerque, New Mexico - In Dina Napier's February 19, 2017, email excerpted in Part 1, she wrote that eight years after her first 1995 remote viewing at age 22 of the black pyramid underground in Alaska:

“Around the age of 30 (2003), I yet again had a very powerful dream. I had the same man 'guide' from the Alaska remote viewing dream of the big, black pyramid underground that scientists were studying.


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