April Environmental Updates

Earth photographed by astronauts on Apollo 17, courtey NASA.
Earth photographed by astronauts on Apollo 17, courtey NASA.

April 18, 2001 Washington, D. C. - The Bush administration, under fire from environmental organizations and foreign governments for recent anti-environment decisions, has now overruled business objections and upheld two Clinton administration regulations that Bush had suspended shortly after taking office. One is to restrict development on thousands of acres of wetlands. The other will require thousands of manufacturers to publicly disclose lead emissions totaling 100 pounds a year from industrial production, including makers of batteries, circuit boards and pipe organs. That is one-tenth the current amount allowed of 10,000 pounds of lead emissions. Jeff Wise, Policy Director of the National Environmental Trust, commented about Bush upholding the regulations, "The bar can't be much lower for Bush when he makes a big deal out of the fact that he is not going to block a Clinton administration rule to require polluters to report on the amount of lead they put into the environment."


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