Part 1: Bizarre, Bloodless Cat and Other Animal Mutilations in Canada and Florida

— “The animals are incredibly clean (without blood).
We believe that it would take a fair amount of time to do that.”

- Judy Foster, Ex. Dir., London, Ontario Human Society, Canada

— “My cat had been cleanly cut in half and PLACED tail in the air
in a little clearing between homes. Absolutely no blood around. ”

- Paul Martinez, resident in Orlando, Florida

August 14, 2017  London, Ontario, Canada - Nine months ago in December 2016, in Toronto, reported that seventeen dead and bloodlessly mutilated animals had been reported to London, Ontario, police and the Humane Society. That month one of the victims was a dog with its head cleanly cut off lying on top of a recycling bin next to a liquor store. The dog had been skinned and its internal organs removed, but there was no blood anywhere.


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