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10-17-2019 - Part 18: Army/CIA Unit Studied the Real UFO Blue Book Cases
02-19-2019 - Part 1: Glowing Disc Encounter with Military in Albuquerque, NM
08-30-2018 - Angus Cattle Raiser’s 9th Mutilation Came with A Blast of White Light.
08-15-2017 - Part 2: More Half-Cats in Baton Rouge, LA, Continue Long History of Half-Cats
08-14-2017 - Part 1: Bizarre, Bloodless Cat and Other Animal Mutilations in Canada and Florida
08-08-2017 - Bloodless Bull Mutilation in Canada
07-07-2017 - Updated 070717 Bloodless Dog and Cat Mutilations Reported In Portland, Oregon, and San Diego, California
09-30-2016 - Large and Small Animal Mutilations Now in Australia, England and Argentina
09-19-2016 - More Mysterious Cat Mutilations in England
09-08-2016 - Bizarre, Mysterious Death of Appaloosa Mare in Queensland, Australia