Part 18: Army/CIA Unit Studied the Real UFO Blue Book Cases

“In July, in order to let you survive getting out of the Army and CIA,
we’re going to find a derelict who has died of dehydration in the streets.
We’re going to get one of the unidentified corpses that the local police
department has and we’re going to put your CIA  I.D. on the
unidentified corpse and then cremate the body. ”

- Anthony Barden, “Stein's” CIA Boss

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February 11, 2009  Albuquerque, New Mexico -  My June 29, 1998, interview with Stein at his Florida home continues from Part 17, in which he discusses what happened when he and his boss, Anthony Barden, returned to the southeastern military base and their highly classified CIA Project Blue Book investigations during the period leading up to the presidential election of John F. Kennedy.


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