More Mysterious Booms and Sky Flashes in North Carolina and Australia

— “What the hell was that?”

- Moranbah, Qld, Australia resident, Sept. 7, 2017

— “I talked to a police officer and told him that I heard the boom
(after son saw a sky flash) and it sounded like a bomb had actually gone off.”

- Rebecca, Manoora, Qld, Cairns resident, October 7, 2017

— “Some people reported hearing a loud boom. Some people reported
feeling their houses and the ground shaking. OtheMoranbah is 530 miles southeast of Cairns. Some 9,000 people lie in Moranbah near the Coral Sea of the Isaac Region in Queensland, Australia. It's main industry is coal mining.  Late on the night of September 7, 2017, Moranbah residents reported an “enormous bang that sounds like an explosion.” Then one month later in Cairns to the north on October 7, 2017, late Saturday night, there was not only a “bomb-like explosion,” but many people saw a bright flash of light right before the massive boom was reported to police.r people reported their
pictures coming off the walls in their houses while also hearing
a boom.  And some people reported all of that.”

- Winston-Salem, NC Police Lt. Steve Osborne

October 26, 2017 Moranbah and Cairns, Australia, and Winston-Salem, North Carolina - Last month on September 8, 2017, in Moranbah, Australia, on the northeast coast some 530 miles south of Cairns, the local Daily Mercury news headlined, “What the hell was that? — Mysterious Moranbah explosion!”

Boom in Moranbah
September 7, 2017

Just before 11 PM local Australia time on September 7, 2017, numerous residents reported hearing a huge bang that shook their homes. A Queensland Police spokeswoman confirmed that police were alerted to a potential explosion around 10:49 PM local time (Sept. 7, 2017).  The police did conduct patrols, but there is no further information.”


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