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10-26-2017 - More Mysterious Booms and Sky Flashes in North Carolina and Australia
03-30-2017 - 93% of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Suffering Coral Bleaching.
09-30-2016 - Large and Small Animal Mutilations Now in Australia, England and Argentina
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02-16-2016 - 2016 Update: Flores Island, Indonesia: Controversy Around “Hobbit” People and 840,000-Year-Old Stone Tools
02-17-2014 - Updated: Strange, S-Shaped Weather Radar Pattern Off Western Coast of Australia — A Military Exercise?
09-30-2011 - Part 2:  Interviews with Scientists Studying Mysterious, Ancient Stone Circles in Middle East Visible Only from Air
09-30-2011 - High Strangeness in Australia’s Northern Territory.
03-06-2009 - Unexplained Stranding of 200 Pilot Whales and Dolphins
09-07-2007 - Honey Bee DNA Study Finds Australian Virus in Colony Collapse Disorder