Part 4: George Joannides: CIA Psychological Warfare Expert

— “There was a Washington Post reporter named Jefferson Morley,
who found records that were related to the Cuban Directorio Revolucionario
(DRE), and he realized that George Joannides (CIA psychological
warfare expert) was funding them!”

- Daniel Liszt, Producer and Host, Dark Journalist

— “There is a body of documents (about George Joannides) that the CIA
is still protecting, which should be released to the public" because independent
researchers find links between Joannides and the JFK assassination.

- The Boston Globe, 2013

R eturn to Part 1.

November 22, 2017 Cambridge, Massachusetts - The CIA and FBI have withheld not only all the Jim Garrison documents and photographs from his JFK assassination investigation, they still don't want to open up the files of another CIA agent who began working for the agency in 1952 and by 1963 was active in New Orleans where he had a house that summer when Lee Harvey Oswald was living there and working for Guy Bannister. That CIA agent's name is George Joannides and he was using CIA money to fund the Cuban student group known as DRE.


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