From Booms to Animal Mutilations to Aliens and Genetic Engineering

“I was in the USAF for 4 years stationed at Manassas, Va. back in 1958, 1959. While on duty, we tracked many UFOs, very fast, sometimes very high (100,000 feet) with high finder radars FPS 6 and other technologies.

- Radar Operator, 647th AC&W

December 10, 2017   Albuquerque, New Mexico - has received hundreds of emails since January 2011 from viewers and listeners about persistent cycles of loud, unexplained booms — sometimes simultaneous with a bright flash of light in clear skies. Other reports to Earthfiles come from frustrated farmers and ranchers about persistent, ongoing, bloodless animal mutilations on farms and ranches around the world. Then there are humans, who describe being taken by a light beam technology from bedrooms and cars into craft, as some ranchers have watched their animals lifted from pastures and open fields or lowered from round, aerial vehicles in the sky down beams into pastures.


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