Part 2:  Mysterious 12,000-Years-Old Gobekli Tepe – Odd Pillar Creatures, Bizarre Totem and Mouthless Man

“The T-shaped pillars have an anthropomorphic identity. But who are they?As their faces are never depicted, they seem very likely to be related to supernatural beings, beings gathered at Gobekli Tepe for certain, but so far unknown, purposes.”

- June 2012 Issue of Actual Archaeology Magazine-Anatolia,
“The First Temple of the World: Gobekli Tepe.”

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Reposted April 5, 2019 - June 18, 2012  Gobekli Tepe 8 miles northeast of Sanliurfa, Turkey - As the sun rose on the eastern horizon June 13, 2012, I first faced the sun and then turned 180 degrees to face the opposite point in the west. Below me in the Gobekli Tepe Section C, a large pillar is cemented to a rectangular base like an altar. On that altar-pillar is a long-bodied animal that doesn't quite match any known Earth animal today. With the sun shining on my back, that pillar animal was facing me on an east-west axis.


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