In Memoriam

John Olsen Lear
December 3, 1942 – March 29, 2022
Las Vegas, Nevada

“Angels are allowed a few mistakes, but he tried not to abuse that privilege.”

John Olsen Lear, 79, by KLAS-TV, Las Vegas, Nevada.
John Olsen Lear by KLAS-TV, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Son of Bill Lear, founder of Learjet, and Moya Marie Olsen Lear — John Olsen Lear was a record-breaking Nevada pilot, former candidate for Nevada State Senate, investigator of the UFO phenomenon and critic of U. S. government policies of denial to cover-up facts and knowledge learned since World War II that a variety of non-human intelligences and their advanced technologies have been interacting with Earth for millennia. At age 79, John Lear passed in his sleep on Tuesday night, March 29, 2022, according to his daughter Alison and his wife Marilee Higginbotham. Between May 23 and 26, 1966, Lear and a crew mate flew a LearJet around the world, covering 22,000 miles in 50 hours and 39 minutes, setting a new world record. During the Vietnam era, John Lear flew cargo planes for the CIA. In the 1980s, Lear publicized a Nevada-based scientist named Bob Lazar, who worked briefly on a UFO project at the highly classified Area 51 military site at Nellis AFB.

John Lear also revealed testimony from William Cooper, honorably discharged from the U. S. Navy, who as a quartermaster working with an intelligence briefing team, described UFO photo and document evidence used in a briefing for U. S. Admiral Bernard Clarey, then Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet in Hawaii. John Lear became an outspoken critic of alleged government cover-ups of advanced UFO technologies and alien life forms interacting with Earth that could be “hostile.” Many of John Lear’s on-the-record interviews were produced by Las Vegas KLAS-TV Channel 8 (CBS)  award-winning investigative reporter George Knapp. John Lear’s daughter, Alison, said her father asked her to post this message on his Facebook page when he went on to his next lifetime.

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