Part 4: Retrievals of the Third Kind – A Case Study of Alleged UFOs and Occupants in Military Custody

“While waiting for a sign of intent, a humanoid was observed to disembark from the UFO craft, which was described as ‘short and stocky.’ Then a beam of light was directed at the Colonel. The Colonel was instantly paralyzed.”

– Source: General “T”, Wright-Patterson AFB

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To be more computer-friendly, the reprint has been divided into parts. Here begins Part 4 of Status Report I, written July 29, 1978. The series of status reports, I through VII, were written by Leonard H. Stringfield from 1978 to 1994. Previous Status Report II begins at Earthfiles. Leonard Stringfield died on December 18, 1994. For all the previous status reports, see Earthfiles Archives.

Leonard H. Stringfield:


Mrs. SI called me August 3, 1977, to relate her growing interest in the UFO. She had read my book, Situation Red, and expressed a desire to attend the future meetings of the local OUFOIL research group. To its director, Charles Wilhelm, she confided that her husband, Carl, while in the U. S. Air Force as a member of the Air Police at Wright-Patterson, was called to duty one night to stand guard in a secret area where he witnessed three dead alien bodies that had just arrived. I was tipped off about this information by Wilhelm. So, on August 3, 1977, I was prepared to ask some careful questions.

During our first chat, I was able to extract some strong data. She explained that she believed that it was the year 1973 when Carl was called to duty during the night. he was driven to a certain location, then was blindfolded. She said he recalled that he was led across a field of wet grass, then was helped down a flight of stairs and escorted through a long corridor. At a certain point, he was halted and his blindfold removed. There, he was issued instructions about his mission and where to stand guard. To his shock, he was in a room with other ranking officers and a few scientists who were viewing three small humanoid bodies. The aliens were dead and were stretched out on a refrigerated table. She remembers Carl telling her that the bodies were about three feet tall, their heads were abnormally large, and they seemed to have a short fuzz on the top of their heads. The skin, she said, was an off-white or cream. She could recall no other facial features described by Carl, admitting that the only time Carl had talked about his experience was while they were courting. That was in 1975. At that time, she said, he seemed shaken by it.

‘I believe he was dramatically effected,’ she said, adding, ‘One time he told his sister about it and she just laughed. Since then, he refuses to discuss the matter with anyone, even me.’

On several later occasions when I called Mrs. SI, I asked to speak to Carl. One night he was present, sitting at a table drinking coffee, when I called. I remember she asked him if he would be willing to talk with me about his experience, but he declined. Said SI when she returned to the phone, ‘He said he’s not allowed to talk about it, and that he will tell everything he knows after President Carter makes an announcement.’

In the Fall of 1977, Mrs. SI became so obsessed in her UFO pursuits that she became ill, followed by a long period when she did not communicate. Then one evening, she called and politely announced that she had abandoned her interest in UFOs. She thanked me for my offers to help during her period of stress and again reminded me that Carl would not talk about his affair at Wright-Patterson.


No one can blame Carl for upholding his sworn oath to secrecy. i believe that the information recounted by his wife is accurate. The year, 1973, when the incident occurred, was confirmed by an Intelligence source, but no details were given.


On April 7, 1978, Steve Tom, NBC radio newsman in Chicago, and I were linked up by phone for an interview with a former Air Force Intelligence Officer, Major J. M. residing in Houma, Louisiana. Major J. M., I learned, shared some common grounds with me. He had also served in the 5th Air Force in the Pacific Theater during World War II, and had been in several combat areas such as Leyte, Philippine Island, where I had been assigned.

The purpose of our call was to obtain firsthand, the Major’s role in the retrieval of an alleged crashed UFO northwest of Roswell, New Mexico, in the Summer of 1947.

The debris of an apparent metallic aerial device, or craft, that had exploded in the air, or crashed, was first made known by a sheep rancher who found fragments of metal and other material on his 8000 acre property. When he informed the Air Force base in Roswell of his discovery, Major J. M. and aides were dispatched to the area for investigation. There, he found many metal fragments and what appeared to be ‘parchment’ strewn in a one mile square area. ‘The metal fragments,’ said the Major, ‘varied in size up to six inches in length, but were of the thickness of tinfoil. The fragments were unusual,’ he continued, ‘because they were of great strength. They could not be bent or broken, no matter what pressure was applied by hand.’

The area was thoroughly checked, he said, but no fresh impact depressions in the sand were found. The area was not radioactive. The fragments, he added, were transported by military carry-all to the Air Base in Roswell and from that point he was instructed by General Ramey to deliver the ‘hardware’ to Ft. Worth, to be forwarded to Wright-Patterson Field for analysis.

When the press learned of this retrieval operation and wanted a story, Major J. M. stated, ‘To get them off my back, I told them we were recovering a downed weather balloon.’

When the Major was asked for his opinion as to the identification of the fragments, he was certain they were not from a balloon, aircraft or rocket. He said that because of his technical background, he was certain that the metal and ‘parchment’ were not a part of any military aerial device known at that time.


The retrieval of ‘unusual’ fragments in secrecy suggests they were a part of an unknown aerial device or craft. Manned, or not, the Major did not know. If there were entities aboard, no evidence was found. Had there been any bodies aboard, they would have been destroyed in what appeared to be an aerial explosion.

It is significant to note in this instance the year 1947 – the year of the first great wave of UFO reports. Also, the area of this retrieval was in the path of some of the green fireball phenomena observed from 1947 to 1948.


Following my lecture on April 6, 1978, before the Cincinnati Chapter of World Wings Association, a gathering of 50 or more pilots, I was approached by a highly reputable member of the association who knew of a ‘person at work’ who, in turn, knew about crashed UFOs and occupants. I promptly got in touch.

On April 18, 1978, I talked with former Air Force Sergeant M. S. of the 97th Bomber Wing. He was prepared to relate the data from a high Intelligence source relative to the retrieval of an alien craft and humanoid occupants maintained at Wright-Patterson AFB. He also related a sobering story about a landing on an Air Force base, also from the same high source.

M. S., while serving at Wright-Patterson in 1977, made close acquaintance with a Major General whose last name begins with the letter ‘T,’ who was assigned at Wright-Patterson for top security work in the Logistics Command. His rank and the nature of his work entitled him to a plane at his disposal at all times.

The General’s daughter, (name known to me) and M. S. were seriously lovelorn, and on that basis were frequently together. This allowed M. S. to be the guest at the General’s home where he and the General had private chats. Both being endowed with the highest security ratings, they discussed UFOs.

From General ‘T,’ my informant related details that were disclosed concerning a UFO that had crashed in the southwest region of the United States in 1957. At that time, General ‘T,’ was Lt. Colonel ‘T.’ According to the General, radar had confirmed that an alien craft had crossed the skies over the United States at great speed. It was tracked to the point of its crash. The area, as in most cases, was ‘roped off,’ and the National Guard summoned (with canines) for maximum security.

From the damaged craft, four humanoid bodies were recovered with great difficulty because of the inability to penetrate the craft’s metal structure. The deceased bodies were found badly burned, some parts so severely that certain features were indistinguishable. However, the suits they wore – appearing silver – were not damaged by the obvious intense heat endured inside the craft. Said the General, ‘The suits were fused to the flesh.’

M. S. said, according to the General, the four bodies were approximately 5 feet in height and were sent to Wright-Patterson AFB where General ‘T’ had seen them in a deep freeze morgue, kept at approximately 120 degrees below zero for preservation.

The only other anatomical feature described by General ‘T’ was that the heads of the aliens were, by human standards, larger proportionately than the bodies. Facial features were erased by the heat factor.

The craft? The General related that scientists assigned to the task of dismantling it ran into difficulty. To get inside, they concentrated in an area where a fissure or crack had resulted, probably from impact. Shipment (of the UFO) to Wright-Patterson, said the General, ‘was by rail, using two military conveyance rocket cars, properly camouflaged and classified as ‘rockets.’

On another occasion, M. S. was a guest of General ‘T’ at his home. While alone, M. S. was shown a top Secret document concerning a landed UFO. The incident occurred at Nellis AFB, Nevada, in 1968, and M. S. expressed disbelief when he read the report. Stamped TOP SECRET, it read in part: ‘Large UFO hovered over Nellis AFB for three days. Three small alien craft were observed separating (or being ejected) from parent craft. One landed on the Air Base grounds. Sent to greet the landed craft was a Colonel with security detachment properly armed. There was no mention of an attempt to assault the craft. While waiting for a sign of intent, a humanoid was observed to disembark from the UFO craft, which was described as ‘short and stocky.’ Then a beam of light was directed at the Colonel. The Colonel was instantly paralyzed, according to the report. Orders then came from the officer next in command for his troops of the security detachment to fire, but their weapons were mysteriously jammed. The Colonel was recovered and hospitalized. The only recall by the Colonel, as M. S. remembers from the report, was that he could rationalize the event only in terms of mathematics as though an attempt at communications was conducted in this manner. The UFO was observed to retreat to its parent craft and then departed.


I made a check on General ‘T’ at Wright-Patterson. They had no entry on his secret assignment there. However, a check at another Air Base through the Accounting and Finance Section confirmed his existence. No address was released on grounds of Privacy Act. However, M. S. knows where the General was to make his residence after retirement.

Making a further check on the authenticity of the General and his knowledge of secret UFO reports, I checked with another Intelligence source and obtained additional corroborative information concerning the Nellis AFB incident.


‘Your book, Situation Red, The UFO Siege, really did it,’ said AK, calling me from California on June 19, 1978. ‘It convinced me that I should tell my story to you about a UFO that landed, or had maybe crashed, at Ft. Riley, Kansas.’

Needless to say, i was receptive to hear AK’s story. He, of course, asked to keep his name confidential because he recalled a General’s warning, who was on the scene of the landing, that he would have his ‘expletives’ shot off if he talked.

The incident occurred on a crisp, cold night on December 10, 1964. At 2:00 a.m., AK, a PFC on guard duty at the Motor Pool, and three other Army personnel of the 1st Division on regular guard duty, were summoned by the Officer of the Day, Lt. H., to join him by vehicle to a remote area on the base described as a training area in Camp Forsyte, which is part of the Ft. Riley complex. On departure to this area, he was issued an extra clip for his M14 rifle.

‘I was scared,’ admitted AK. ‘In fact, I’m trembling right now as I’m telling you this.’ I told AK that I was aware of a number of UFO landings and crashes on or near military installations and that he could trust me regarding the confidentiality of his name.

After driving a good distance, Lt. H. parked his vehicle alongside the road. He, AK and the other guards, were ordered to hike about a half mile across an open flat field. Before him, AK watched the searchlight beam from an overhead Huey helicopter playing down on the field. It was focused on a large round object resting on the ground. PFC AK and his comrades stood in shock. He remembers that he shouted, ‘GOD DAMN, a Flying Saucer!’

Already on the scene were about 10 Army personnel of various ranks, including a Major General. Promptly, AK was asked for his ID and given a direct order by the General to patrol the grounded craft by circling around it and to ‘shoot anyone if they tried to force their way to the craft.’

At this time, PFC AK was sharply admonished about keeping the incident secret. Comments AK, ‘When I was in the Army, when a General told you something, you obey!’

The lone Huey chopper continuously flew overhead while certain personnel on hand checked the object with instruments and maintained communication by field radio with head phones. Nearby, a 5-ton truck was parked with lights off. On two occasions, the Huey chopper flew over parts of the field, said AK, as though looking for other evidence. When the Huey was away, a ‘deathly quiet’ prevailed, he said. ‘It was eerie!’

Said AK on several occasions during his 2.5 hours of guard duty, he got close to the metallic craft. ‘The air was much warmer when I got close.’ he said.

The grounded UFO, said AK, which had impacted into the soil and stood at a tilt, was approximately 35 to 48 feet in diameter and 12 to 18 feet in height. It was perfectly round, shaped like a hamburger bun. In the middle, or at the equator, of its smooth aluminum-like surface, was a black band made up of squares, each jutting out about ten inches. AK could not determine if the squares were windows or what purpose they served. The only protruding part on the UFO, said AK, was a fin-like device and beneath it an aperture which might have been an exhaust unit.

Said AK, the UFO was not lighted. He sensed no vibrations from its power system and smelled no odors. ‘It was dead,’ he said. Asked about recovery of occupants from the craft, he replied, ‘Sorry to disappoint you, but I was not aware of any life inside the craft, or if any bodies were taken out of it later.’

The next morning, said AK, ‘I had a headache, but this was probably caused by the excitement and fatigue.’

AK said he heard from other sources on the Army base that UFOs were sighted in the area prior to the landing. He recalls no details.

AK, on my request, sent me two drawings of the grounded UFO showing rear and front views. The drawings also show the Huey helicopter hovering over the UFO, which are used as Exhibits A and B below in this report. 

On June 18, 1978, AK drew for Leonard Stringfield the front view above and the rear view below of the Huey helicopter hovering over the "hamburger-shaped" UFO at Ft. Riley's Camp Forsyte, Kansas, in December 1964.
On June 18, 1978, AK drew for Leonard Stringfield the front view above and the rear view below of the Huey helicopter hovering over the “hamburger-shaped” UFO at Ft. Riley’s Camp Forsyte, Kansas, in December 1964.


PFC AK was unable to determine if the UFO had crashed or landed, but from his observation of the craft for 2.5 hours, he believed that it had probably malfunctioned and was immobilized. He was unable to learn more details about the incident from the local military base and too frightened by the General’s threats to bring the matter up. With the presence of a helicopter and a large truck, it is my belief that the craft was hauled away in secrecy and perhaps with it, the occupants.

I checked further with an Intelligence source who was ‘aware’ of this incident.

Since my phone conversation with AK, I have received a tape from him recording his experience and a signed letter. The tape, Exhibit C, is available for public hearing during the MUFON Symposium.

Continued in Part 5 – Nine non-human bodies in Wright-Patterson deep freeze.

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