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Part 2: High Strangeness Letters from Earthfiles Viewers

© 2017 by Linda Moulton Howe


- Abductee after several disappearing pregnancies



May 5, 2017 Albuquerque, New Mexico - Earthfiles viewers and listeners have sent firsthand experiences with high strangeness covering a wide range of phenomena.


To: Linda Moulton Howe <[email protected]>
Re: My abductions and disappearing pregnancies
Date: April 28, 2017

“Hi Linda!

Thank you for suggesting we send our abduction experiences.

I want to tell you the things I remember. I'm 80 now and know that I was for years used to produce a fetus several times. I do not know how many times. It wasn't until I was in my 40s that I began to realize this was happening, then looking back I could identify certain strange events.

The one that began to open my eyes is the only one I can recall knowing about and can describe a few things. It was night. I was in my bedroom, in bed, and the first thing I thought was that I must have fallen asleep reading and left the light on beause there was a light in the room. But when I reached to put the light off, I realized it wasn't on. Yet the room was lighted. Somehow some beings seemed to appear in the room, having come in via the light I could then see coming in the window. Unfortunately I don't recall much detail. Only a few things stand out. It was around the year 1976 or 77.

I was not paralyzed. I sat up, turning to face them with my feet on the floor. I saw only 2 of them but had the feeling there might have been another behind me. They were the regular greys, about 4' tall, and the big dark eyes, no hair, etc. One was scary the other more personable and it was with the nice one I spoke. I knew they were there to take me away and I objected to going. They indicated that I had to go, and that I knew it and should understand why.

The reason was that they had to remove something. Yes, I knew, and wept a bit. I pleaded it be my last time. When I finally acquiesced, I was told to look into the eyes of the scary one and when I did for a quick moment I could see things going on, moving around in his eyes.

But it was only a second and I turned off and knew nothing until the next morning when I woke up laying on the wrong side of the bed, my clothes were not right and I had the feeling I had been busy all night. Later that day I found I had red spots about the size of a dime in various places on my body, all happily covered by my clothing cause I had to go to work.

I have skipped over the detail we talked about while I sat on my bed. It is sketchy at best. When they said they came to take something away from me, the first thing I thought was that these beings were from God and they were coming to take my Christian salvation away from me. I panicked.

Then I thought, 'No, they couldn't do that — only Jesus could and He wouldn't.'

We talked about this for a few minutes. Something the aliens said didn't seem right and I said to them, 'You aren't from God, are you?' They appeared to be uncomfortable at that. I kept questioning them.

The aliens said that 'It's what I believe,' which didn't help much because that could be taken many ways. I had them say it again, hoping they'd put it another way. But they pretty much repeated the same. And they both agreed.


Why Do Alien Beings During Abductions
“Have Only A Short Window of Time”?

The scary one was getting nervous, indicated the aliens had only a short window of (time) and they had to be out of there.

This is all I can recall of that incident. I wonder now if the nicer of the two was the same as I seem to have known all my life? He seemed familiar. This is a long story and vague except for one instance in 1957, which became a big story and has stayed with me thruought my whole life. He told me that a voice that I heard on the radio would come to mean a lot to me later in my life. Which did happen. This spiritual entity has been there even to 2004 when the person of that voice died. Means he's been there all along and knows me very well.

My grandmother told me when I was around 7 yrs old that they used to take her. She described them very well to me as the well known Greys. This was around 1943. She said they took my mother also, but my mother doesn't know it.

My grandmother seemed to be elated that they chose her, but my mother would have been of another mind completely. She would have been horrified to death. I think she suspected something was wrong and didn't know what. She was frightened by horses' eyes, faces at the window, and she had a scoop mark on her leg which she said just appeared overnight and couldn't explain how it happened.

Thinking back I think they came for me one night that was so weird that come morning, I felt I'd been flying in and out the window and busy stuff going on all night. It came after I thought I might have seen a UFO. This was around 1955. Nighttime, I was with two girlfriends. We were walking toward my house, one of them was to spend the night at my house. She was in a different room.

I asked the next morning if I missed out on happenings during the night. She said she didn't think so, she slept like a log. Well, when we were outside earlier, the two of them were talking and my attention was drawn to the sky. I saw a light that if it had been motionless, it would have looked no different than a star, but it was moving. I said, 'I think I see a flying saucer.' This was before they were called UFO's. My friends told me it was an airplane. I said it seems to be very far away and the speed it's going, no plane would be going that fast. Then my friends said it was a meteor. I said it's not going that fast. They said it has to be one or the other because flying saucers don't exist.

I watched it for a few seconds, then looked away for a few more, then looked back. It had changed direction, was coming in our direction instead of from left to right, and was getting brighter. I said to them, 'I think it's coming toward us.'

They screamed and ran to my house and the other girl's house. I wanted to stand and watch. My friend insisted I get in the house. So that night is when the flying in and out of the window happened.


Strange Pregnancies

Oh, my doctor!! When I was pregnant with my first child (1962), my doctor told me I had already had a pregnancy, maybe even more than one, but I definitely had at least one. I denied it.

He said, 'Come on, I'm your doctor. You can't lie to me. I know better.'

So he found something on his exam that proved something that gives me the creeps and verifies alien interference. Doctors must certainly know more about this than what we hear about. I'd like to hear from women's doctors about it.

My thinking on this is that we are presently going through our next so-called evolution. Possibly we have to keep up with the radiation that's coming upon us. As we are now, we can't survive. So we jump the next step. This is how it's always been for more years than we know about.

The problem we have is that we can't tell the difference between the Good Guys and the Bad Guys. We are so foolish to think if They treat us good, They are good guys.

More power to you in your work, Linda Moulton Howe.”

Continued in excerpt from "The Cattle Mutilators," Chapter 18 about E.T.s from another dimension having only a short period of time in this dimension.


Earthfiles welcomes reports from eyewitnesses of high strangeness and request for anonymity is honored. Please email: [email protected]

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