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11-29-2007 - Part 1: Glowing Disc Encounter with Military in Albuquerque, NM
07-28-2007 - Mysterious Aerial Lights Over Stratford-upon-Avon, July 14, and Farnborough, Hampshire, on July 22, 2007
06-18-2007 - Crop Circles On Rings and Three Mysterious Aerial Lights in Slovenia Crop Spiral and Three Mysterious Aerial Lights in Slovenia
04-05-2007 - Unusual Aerial Lights Photographed in Northern China Skies
03-09-2007 - Zones of Fear and Diamond-Shaped Aerial Light
08-19-2005 - Strange Aerial Lights, Military Knowledge and Hooded “Insects”
01-17-2004 - High Strangeness in the Napoleon, Michigan Sky
12-13-2000 - Mysterious Clouds of Light in English Crop Formation
08-29-2000 - Black Triangle, Red Lights and Spinning Disc Over Wiltshire, England Crops
08-26-2000 - Pulsing, Jumping Light in West Stowell, England Field