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11-25-2009 - Mysterious Aerial Lights and Beams in Pennsylvania Woods
10-30-2009 - High Strangeness in Overton and Basingstoke, Hampshire, U. K.
08-27-2009 - Part 5:  USAF Col. Charles I. Halt (Ret.) Says 1980 RAF Bentwaters Lights and Craft Were “Extraterrestrial In Origin”
06-09-2009 - Update Podcast: Aerial Lights That Mimic Stars, Helicopters and Airplanes
03-12-2009 - More Odd, Changing Aerial Light Patterns, Now Over Beavercreek, Oregon
02-27-2009 - More Strange Aerial Light Patterns – Now in Wisconsin.
10-30-2008 - More Encounters with Glowing Humanoids, Strange Aerial Lights and “Thunderbirds”
10-28-2008 - More Strange Aerial Lights Seen Over Stephenville and Dublin, Texas
05-22-2008 - Pregnant Cow Mutilation in Stockholm, Saskatchewan, Canada
04-24-2008 - Strange Aerial Lights Like Texas – But Now Photographed in Indiana, Illinois, and Massachusetts