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04-27-2012 - Purdue Univ. Reports Clothianidin At “Unprecedented Levels” in U. S. Is “Highly Toxic to Honey Bees” 
04-18-2012 - Part 1: Gulf Fishermen Finding Sick Fish, Few Crabs and Shrimp
02-24-2012 - 179 Healthy Common Dolphins Have Stranded in Cape Cod Since January 12, 108 Have Died and Cause Still Unknown
01-27-2012 - 5th Horse Mutilation Reported in Southwestern U. K.
06-23-2010 - Snakes Are Declining Around the World, But Why?
05-27-2010 - New Fungus Strain Killing People and Animals in Northwest. 
05-20-2010 - Fungus in White-Nose Bat Deaths Has Spread Rapidly to Missouri and Oklahoma
03-25-2010 - Bat Die-offs Spread to 11 States and Scientists Call It “Crisis”
06-26-2009 - Mysterious Northeast Bat Deaths Now in 9 States and Headed Toward Kentucky
02-26-2009 - Unprecedented Northeast Bat Die-off Spreading Rapidly