5th Horse Mutilation Reported in Southwestern U. K.

“The police and the RSPCA told my mum and dad outside that my horse, Sammy, had been mutilated and that's the word they used.”

- Tanya Ingram, Owner, 3rd mutilated horse, Holsworthy, Devon, England


1st U. K. horse mutilation, found January 5, 2012:  7-year-old chestnut-colored stallion, Barney, found Thursday, January 5, 2012, in pasture near Whitland, Carmathenshire, Wales, by owner Linda Vickerage. Contrary to first media “bloodbath” reports, Linda says the only blood was a trickle coming from one eye socket and a small stomach area. Both of the stallion's eyes had been excised,there was a long cut in the stomach, the upper half of an ear had been cut off and his genitals removed. The next night, on Friday, January 6, the mutilator/s returned and removed the half ear down to the scalp leaving a 6-inch oval hide deep.


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